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IATF Certifications

All Atlantic Tool & Die facilities are independently ISO/TS 16949:2009 Registered and Certified by Intertek Systems. Atlantic Tool & Die manages all facilities using one Quality Management System common to all facilities, allowing smooth interaction between facilities. ATD is pleased to announce that during the most recent Certification Audit, Feb/Mar 2012, that a total of two minor non-conformances were noted during the entire audit.

GATD, Guangzhou Atlantic Tool & Die Company is also ISO/TS 14001:2004/COR 1:2009 certified.  To obtain a copy of this certification, please contact us at 440.238.6931.

Please click on the facility location to view and download their certificate.

ATD Strongsville Manufacturing Facility

ATD Sharon Center Manufacturing Facility

ATD Seville Manufacturing Facility

ATD (ADTECH) Texas Manufacturing Facility

ATD de Mexico Manufacturing Facility

ATD (GATD) China Manufacturing Facility TS16949

ATD (GATD) China Manufacturing Facility ISO14001